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The Nazi Jews

Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:46 am

Hello all. I was given the link to this forum a while back and told I was invited to post anytime. I used to post over at the Info underground forum but they seem to have a problem with speaking the truth. I am familiar with both SerbdomFighter and Hexzane from this forum.

There seems to be a mass deception going on with the fanatical Hitler cult. These people expect you to tow the line and will accuse you of being deceitful if you do not. The forum administrator over at TIU deleted my last post and banned me (2nd time) for revealing certain truths concerning the Nazi party.

Anyway, have a read:

Also, here is a video I made concerning the topic. yeah, yeah, I know I'm no Steven Spielberg :lol:

If it's okay I would like to repost the deleted part of the write up and continue with some of the other proofs I have. If you find my information has some validity, please feel free to spread around. Time is short!

Re: The Nazi Jews

Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:57 pm

Hello and welcome. Hitler-cultism is a real problem. People who have discovered the Jewish problem tend to rush to the stereotypical Nazi ideal - as formulated by Jewish propagandists. Unfortunately many of these people either become entrenched in Nazism - as opposed to healthy peoples socialism / social nationalism / national socialism - or drop out altogether when they accept that the NSDAP was at best compromised, at worst a set up operation. I have come under attack for refusing to tow the line, and for giving time to Jews who have awoken to the lies of their own misleaders. As you say, the time is short - we need to get information out now. Those who censor argument because they have the arrogance to believe that the ideology they follow is perfect, are a part of the problem. Of course you are welcome to reproduce your articles - in part or in full -there will be no censorship on here!

Thanks for the links. The Ratzinger salute (and then the real picture) is exceptional. As you say "Don't give me half truths"! Indeed. Half truths are perhaps worse than total lies, hence the damaging work of shills such as Alex Jones.

Re: The Nazi Jews

Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:59 am

SerbdomFighter wrote:Thirdeyewise, you are "Nazis were Jews" from YouTube, right?

Yes, it's me.

SerbdomFighter wrote:I see you also found the photo of Hitler doing Masonic handshake with the French Marshall who ruled over Vichy France.

Actually, it was someone from this forum that sent me that picture of Hitler doing the masonic handshake. Funny that even with indisputable evidence, the Hitler cult (actually crypto Jews) still won't admit the painfully obvious.

SerbdomFighter wrote:And I see you mentioned the UN as a Jewish set-up for their supremacy, could you explain me about the (allegedly) actions of UN against Israel? I had a clash with a Jew lover and he backed-up his theory of "the world against Jews" by claiming that UN speaks out against Israel and that UN made sanctions against Israel.

There were actions from the UN against Israel. You have to understand that to make yourself seem legitimate you have to play the part of a law abiding institution. So of course when Israel acts out the UN has no choice but to say something. Also, remember that the criticism of Israel gets vetoed regularly by the U.S., which shows you who actually has the real power. You have to understand the giant mind game these people are playing. Reads the protocols, it even tells you that their biggest critic will be no less than one of their own. They control all sides of the argument. Just look at the Golden Dawn group (obvious Jews) playing the opposition. You yourself gave a perfect example of people that seemingly expose the Jews but never tell you the whole story.

A great example is Henry Makow, he agrees that Nazis were Jews who had to help to create Israel, etc., but he supports the holocaust myth and claims that WW2 was against Germany and European Jewry. This is a paradox statement!

Most of these people are actors and are simply reading from their part of the script.

SerbdomFighter wrote: One Jew in YouTube claimed that UN is controlled by Arabs

People get very stuck on labels. Labels which the Jews use to their advantage. What if I said that Turkey was overthrown by Muslims without revealing that they were actually all Freemasons & crypto Jews. see how labels can be manipulated?


Are these all real Muslims simply because they tell you they are?


Or are they Freemasons (working for the Jews) or maybe even Jews themselves (as Qaddafi turned out to be)?

What if I said that the U.S. government was run by greedy AMERICANS without telling that those so called "Americans" were actually Jewish. It's all about language manipulation and the glorification of meaningless labels.

Re: The Nazi Jews

Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:41 pm

SerbdomFighter wrote:Thirdeyewise, do you believe that Hitler´s mother was a Czech Jewess? There are newspaper reports (1933) about his mother´s family who are supposed to be Jews from the Czech Republic.


I think he definitely had Jewish lineage but to me it really does not matter. The most important thing is that he definitely was a Freemason (as proven by those pictures) and that Hjalmar Schacht was also a Freemason and an acknowledged Rothschild agent. Freemasonry is a Jewish institution and all Freemasons in essence work for the Rothschilds. That is all the proof we need to show that the Nazi party was actually controlled opposition. Anyone who understands how these people operate knows that there is no other explanation. Don't expect these Nazi cultists to admit to anything. Remember they are a cult and cults aren't exactly known for thinking rationally.

The guy that was supposedly getting rid of the Jews had more Jews working for him than the Obama administration...I mean come on, how much more obvious can it get!

Re: The Nazi Jews

Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:03 pm

Rufus wrote: Those who censor argument because they have the arrogance to believe that the ideology they follow is perfect, are a part of the problem. Of course you are welcome to reproduce your articles - in part or in full -there will be no censorship on here!

Thank you. I will try to post most of it sometime this week. People who try to control the argument by censoring are no better than the people they claim to be fighting. But to tell you the truth, in most cases it's the same people (Jews/Freemasons) using different avatars to confuse the issue.

Re: The Nazi Jews

Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:32 pm

Ive read some very good debunkings of the 'Hitler was a jew' disinfo. Most of it traces back to counter intel ops working as journalists,just like they do today.Il try and find some links for you.

There were plenty of jews that fought for Germany,which shows that the ones in the camps were there because they were a threat to national security,not just because they were jewish.

This article raises some good questions about the origin of the jews promoting anti-semitism idea:

http://www.totalfascism.com/theodor-her ... -them-lie/

Re: The Nazi Jews

Tue Feb 26, 2013 3:14 am

SerbdomFighter wrote:The Jewish religion says there will be two Jewish Messiahs, the first one will wage wars and make sure that Israel will be created. Who was this "Jewish Messiah"? Of course our Mr. Hitler.

Someone on youtube made a video on this very theme. Have a look:

Re: The Nazi Jews

Tue Feb 26, 2013 11:33 pm

Found this link,but the one I was thinking about was on a website that has been taken down,'zioyid resistance'.Shame its gone,I used to visit there regularly.

http://carolynyeager.net/fake-legends-a ... r%E2%80%9D

I'll have a look at the youtube tomorrow.

I think Hitler bears a resemblance to one of the two witnesses spoken about in Revelations. Gaddafi may have been the other.

Re: The Nazi Jews

Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:16 am

SerbdomFighter wrote:I forgot to add that an anarchist Jew named Wilhelm Marr founded the "League of Anti-Semites".

Do you have a source where it says Wilhelm Marr was Jewish?

sven wrote: I think Hitler bears a resemblance to one of the two witnesses spoken about in Revelations. Gaddafi may have been the other.

What witnesses? FYI, Gaddafi was Jewish...FACT!
By the way, Caroline Yeager is not a source to anything...FACT!

Re: The Nazi Jews

Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:44 pm

Yes,I believe Makow is using a double-trick as well there.Many people have tried to debate him about the gas chambers and sent him information but he refuses to even address it.Instead of seeing that Hitler was showing how honourable he was and had a sincere wish to not have war by allowing the defeated British army to leave Dunkirk,he claims Hitler did this to lengthen the war.
He had a recent post up about Codrenau that i think was designed to get people to not bother reading Codrenau's book,in which he makes it clear that a known tactic Jews use against anti-semites is to claim that their enemy is a Jew,to anti-semites.

Thirdeyewise yelling 'FACT' at me doesnt rebut any of the information presented by Carolyn Yeagar in the link I provided.
Gaddafi's actions spoke far louder than any words could defaming his geneaolgy,as did Hitlers.You will have to find the references to the two witnesses in the book of Revelations yourself.
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